How Do I Request Payments for a Meeting?

Taking a commission for the meeting you host can be important. You can set this payment up directly from your ACE Meetings account in just a few easy steps.

Set Up Your Payment Account

To make sure you actually receive the payment, you will have to set up an account that you want to be paid to by your customers. You can do this from your Payments settings. Once you added an account, you should be able to see it like so:

Set Up Payments in Your Meeting Type

Setting up payment is the final step when you create or edit a new meeting type. Here, 3 quick steps are needed:

  1. Select the account you want to be paid in. This is extremely relevant when you have several connections.
  2. Set the amount you want to collect and the currency in which you want this amount of money.
  3. Set your payment terms, as per your guidelines. Keep in mind that ACE Meetings will not refund any payments.

In order to book a meeting, your customers will first have to pay before clicking on "Schedule Meeting".

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