What Are $ACE Coins?

For all crypto-enthusiasts out there, ACE Meetings is ready to offer you rewards for just using the tool! $ACE Coins are an integrated part of our tool and you can earn them actively – by using the app – or passively, whenever someone books a call or uses your partner code.

What are $ACE Coins?

Users can earn $ACE, the ACE ecosystem crypto-token, by simply using the ACE products in their regular, business-as-usual work, while growing their business and improving their processes. $ACE will be then used to get special perks, participate in the governance of the ACE ecosystem, and share in the ownership of ACE.

To distinguish from the $ACE Coin (aka $ACE token), ACE is usually referred to as ‘ACE’, “ACE App”, or “ACE Product Suite”, while the $ACE Token is always referred to with the $ in front of ACE.

How Do I Earn $ACE Coins?

You can do this in several ways! Either through usage (when you sign up, connect a calendar, and so on), through referral (when your friend joins ACE Meetings), or through payments (you win a percentage of your payments in coins.

You can see all your coins by clicking on the wallet at the top-right corner of your ACE dashboard.

How Can I Add $ACE Coins to My Crypto Wallet?

⚠️ The claiming of $ACE Coins and moving them to your crypto wallet are not live yet. The implementation details and timeline related to the launch of $ACE Coins on a blockchain will be taken within the ACE DAO. Our goal is to issue the $ACE Crypto coins as soon as we’re ready from the tech and legal side but not sooner than that. More information will be added to this page once those features are live. ⚠️

How Can I Learn More About $ACE Coins?

Easy-peasy! You can see our Litepaper here: https://wiki.useace.com/ace-litepaper/the-ace-product-suite

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