ACE Meetings allows users to have multiple workspaces so that you can split meeting types across several businesses without any confusion.

How Do I Create a New Workspace?

To create a new workspace, all you have to do is hover over your user settings and scroll down to your workspaces. As soon as you reach this, you will notice a list of all your existing workspaces. When you're ready to create a new one, click "Create New Workspace".

A new window will open, asking you to type in your workspace name and your subdomain.

How Do I Switch to a Workspace?

In order to switch to a new workspace, hover over your user settings and scroll down to your workspaces. Once you see the list, clicking on the name of the workspace will automatically switch you to it.

How Do I Change my Workspace Settings?

You can change your workspace picture, name, and subdomain, as well as the language and time format from your Workspace Detail page. To get here, go to your User Settings at the top-right corner, click Edit Profile, and then head to Workspace Details.

How Do I Invite Users to My Workspace?

You can see how to do this by reading this help article.

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