How Do Round Robin Meetings Work?

Creating a round-robin meeting type will allow your leads and customers to book a meeting with a single person from a group of agents. But, how does this kind of meeting work?

Understanding How Round Robin Assignment Works

ACE Meetings will automatically check the custom availability you set in the meeting type settings against the selected team members' integrated calendars and block off busy times when none of the selected team members are available.
When checking a round-robin meeting calendar, your clients or leads can select any available time, regardless if only one of your agents, or all are available.
Like with any other meeting type, your clients can select a time, then add their details to schedule the meeting. One team member who is available during the selected time will be booked for the meeting and receive a notification.

Understanding How Round Robin Availability Works

When booking a call, ACE Meetings will check the following criteria: their overall availability and the number of calls they had within this meeting type. 

The first time a meeting of this kind is booked, if two or more agents are free, one will be selected at random. If only one is free, the meeting will automatically be assigned to them. From the second onwards, ACE Meetings will try to assign a different agent, until all of them had at least one meeting scheduled.

As more and more calls are booked, ACE Meetings will try to assign an even number of meetings to each agent that can be an organizer.

As you add more agents to your calls, the meetings will be booked to their calendar, in order to "catch up" the new agents with the ones who already had a number of meetings booked in this meeting type. ACE Meetings will look at the last 30 days when making this assignment.

If you want to see how to create such a meeting, check this article: How Do I Create a Round Robin Meeting Type?

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