How Do I Add Questions to a Meeting?

Creating the correct questionnaire for your meeting can really help you create the best outcome for your clients. Because of this, in your Meeting Creation form, you will be able to add your own, custom questions. To do this, scroll all the way down to Questions when you create (or edit) a new meeting.

You will see, by default 2 questions already added: name and email. These fields will be mandatory in all meetings and cannot be removed by any user, from any meeting type.

How Do I Add a New Question?

To add a new question, you will have to click on the dedicated button at the bottom of your preset questions.

Two new fields will appear. Now, you'll have to type in your question and then select an answer type. This will allow you to choose any of the following:

  • Single-line answer;
  • Multiple-line answer;
  • Single-choice answer (Radio Buttons);
  • Multiple-choice answer (Checkboxes);
  • Phone Number.

1. Single-line answers

This answer format works best for short answers, up to 100 words in a single paragraph.

2. Multiple-line answers

This answer format works best for long answers, with multiple paragraphs.

3. Single-choice answers (radio buttons)

This answer format works best for single-choice, for a question with several answers. To add a new answer, click on "Add optional answer".

4. Multiple-choice answers (check boxes)

This answer format works best for multiple-choice, for a question with several answers. To add a new answer, click on "Add optional answer".

5. Phone Number

This answer format works only for phone numbers.

How Do I Make a Question Mandatory?

Every question has a tick box right next to the question time. Ticking it will make the question mandatory, which means an answer must be provided before the form can be sent in.

How Do I Remove a Question?

Hovering on every question will show a trashcan icon at the top right corner. Clicking on it will permanently remove the question from your meeting type.

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