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Creating Your Workflow

The first thing you need to have when using Pabbly with our tool is a workflow that searches for a trigger event in ACE Meetings. This means that an event needs to happen within ACE Meetings before your action will follow.

Once you named your workflow, you will be met with choosing the app for ACE (this must be ACE (Private) when setting up a new workflow, then choosing your desired trigger, and – lastly – click "Connect" to add your ACE Account.

⚠️ NOTE ⚠️ Whichever trigger you choose, at the end of this first step, you will have to follow that action. More details about this will be written below.

You will be prompted to Add a new connection by clicking "Connect with ACE". Once you did that, a URL will prompt you to connect with your ACE credentials. As soon as this is done, your screen will confirm it briefly and take you back to the workflow. 

The second to last step is to choose your workspace. Pabbly will only check one workspace at a time so, if you need the same workflow in multiple workspaces, you will need multiple workflows as well.

And, lastly, you will have to Save & Send your Test Request. This will show that the workflow is "Waiting for a response". Please keep in mind that, until you perform your trigger action, this status will not change and any variables we might send will not be active.

Therefore, after you click this button ou must follow each trigger. So, if you chose "Meeting Created", you will have to book a call with yourself. If you chose to reschedule, you will have to reschedule a call, and if you chose to cancel, you will have to cancel a meeting.

Once this is finalized and if your trigger test is successful, you will be able to move on to the second step of your workflow and customize it according to your needs.

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