How Do I Connect My iCloud Calendar?

iCal (Apple Calendar app) versus iCloud Calendar

iCal, the Apple Calendar app you may be using on your MacBook or Phone, functions as a calendar viewer that can be connected to calendars, such as iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar. This means that ACE Meetings cannot integrate directly with iCal.

If you're using your iCal app to view your Google Calendar, you'll need to connect your Google Calendar to ACE Meetings

Connecting your iCloud Calendar to ACE Meetings


Generate an app-specific password in Apple ID.

To securely connect your iCloud Calendar to ACE Meetings, you will have to use a specific password generated by Apple. 
  1. Sign in to
  2. In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-specific passwords.
  3. Click on "Generate an app-specific password", then follow the steps on your screen.

Connect your iCloud Calendar to ACE Meetings.

  1. Open your ACE Meetings dashboard.
  2. From the left-side menu, click on "Settings" and then on "Calendars".
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Connect a new calendar" heading where you'll find iCloud. Click on "Connect".
  4. On the new page, click on "I've got the app-specific password".
  5. Enter your Apple ID email and app-specific password, and click on "Login".

Now you've connected ACE Meetings to your iCloud Calendar. You should be able to see your iCloud Calendar at the top of the "Connect your Calendars" page.  

Can't see your calendar?

There are 2 possible scenarios in which you cannot see your calendar in ACE Meetings:

  1. ACE Meetings cannot integrate subscription calendars from iCloud. Nonetheless, you can still connect to private calendars that have been shared with you, but only if you have "View & Edit" privileges for the respective iCloud Calendar. 
  2. You have added to your iCal calendar accounts not connected to your iCloud Calendar (such as Google or Exchange). In this case, you may have to connect those accounts to ACE Meetings.
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